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Hi, this is Nahidul Islam Arafat here! I am an Organic and Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I have well experience in Search Engine Optimization with a decent successful history Over the last 2 years, I have been doing SEO jobs as a freelancer. I have worked with so many websites to rank them on the google first page during this period. By my real-life experience in this field, I can easily say that I am capable enough to rank your website on Google’s first page. I consider myself a Professional SEO expert because I always keep myself up-to-date about the latest updates of Google Algorithm. I am specialized in both On-Page, Off-Page, Keyword research, and technical optimization. There is no scope of Black Hat SEO in my basket; Only White Hat SEO and that can help to rank your site consistently on Google’s first page.

How I Can Help You to Get Higher Rankings?

First of all I have to tell that here is no shortcut of success. You have to work hard with your full dedication to be a successful person. I took my training for Practical SEO from a well-known training center named Basis Institute of Technology and Management (BITM). When I finished only Practical SEO I could realize by leaning only Basic SEO I can not established my career in this field. Then I learnt Advance and Technical  SEO with my full dedication from CVlinked training. Being a freelancer it wasn’t easy for me to start. But I did not give up and I was patient. Until my first order I was practicing and practicing every moment. And when I got my first order I was very nervous. But by my full dedication I could completed my first order successfully. After that order, I kept getting projects from different clients and soon my career started blooming. Now I am working on both the local market and international market places. Now I have a team with some dynamic and skilled guys. They are very dedicated to their task and they know where to start and how to finish. And The ultimate result is First page on the Google.

On-Page SEO Optimization:

It’s a strenuous process to keep up with Google’s ranking factors, as their algorithm seems to evolve daily. But now you can lean back and relax, you will comply with all of the on-page SEO elements and ranking.

List of SEO services what I am offering for On-page optimization:

  • Title tag optimization;
  • Proper URL structure optimization;
  • Meta tags (Title & description);
  • Heading tags Optimized or Applied (Ex. H1s) “Extra gig”;
  • Image optimization;
  • Keyword research and placement;
  • Linking/ Anchor Test;
  • Multimedia;
  • FAQ section (If you want);
  • User review;
  • Social share;
  • Bread crumbs;
  • UX design.

I will find the best possible keywords that you will be able to rank for. This includes localization, less competitive, high volume and relevant keywords to your niche.

Technical SEO : 

Only on-page SEO can not rank your site properly in 2019 SEO. You have to be more serious about Technical SEO to rank on Google 1st page. I am good at doing technical SEO issues which helps in getting Google page 1 ranking for your website.

List of services what I am offering for Technical SEO Optimization:

  • Sitemap creation;
  • Indexability;
  • Crawl ability;
  • Robots.txt;
  • Schema markup/ Structure data;
  • SERP feature snippet;
  • Website Security;
  • Remove duplicate Meta tags;
  • Mobile friendly/ First Index;
  • Website Loading Speed 95%-100% with 1.1s-1.3s page loading speed;
  • Redirection;
  • Website backup.

If needed, I can research your site prior and determine what pages are in the most need of optimization.

Why Hire Me?

All the projects that I have completed over the years have helped me gather this experience and have boosted my confidence to the new level. Based on this high experience and confidence I can complete any SEO project with full success.

You will get 24×7 Support from me for any emergency. Anytime you can knock me on the mail or call me. I am always available.

I am always up-to-date about the latest updates of Google Algorithm. And my dynamic guys are very capable to finish any project successfully. We can rank any on the Google first page easily.

My team already joined in some contests in Bangladesh and achieved some awards as a team.

As I mentioned from my real-life experience I consider myself a Professional SEO expert. Also, My team is very professional with vast experience.

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